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Hurricane Ian Causes Historic Damage – Estimates as High as $248B



An estimated 33 million people in Pakistan are currently impacted by the historic flooding in the region. Residents are at extreme risk of waterborne diseases and need support immediately.


Since our start in 2004, Emergency Relief has been part of our DNA. We've provided resources for people in need, given relief in emergencies, and helped restore access to water in critical situations


Wine To Water is currently engaged in Emergency Relief in Pakistan. Torrential monsoon rains triggered the most severe flooding in Pakistan’s recent history. This catastrophic flooding damaged or destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes, many health facilities, water systems, and schools. 33 million people were affected by these rains. 


This year, Ukrainian cities were destroyed and infrastructure disrupted from the ongoing war, causing Ukrainians to seek water from lakes, rivers, and puddles. In March 2022, W|W began distributing 12,500+ hollow filter membrane filters to those impacted by the crisis in Ukraine. The filters distributed provide clean water for shelters and families while avoiding waterborne diseases. The filters distributed in Ukraine alone have curbed the need for more than 28 million water bottles.


Emergency relief is also done here at home. In 2022 we witnessed Hurricane Ian's devastating impact, with estimates as high as $248B worth of damage. As soon as the hurricane hit, our founder Doc Hendley mobilized a team that supported water filtration, recycling, and cleanup in Florida. Our team on the ground worked with World Central Kitchen and the Florida National Guard to hand out water, food, baby supplies, and hygiene products.


This past year we were in Ukraine, Pakistan, Florida, Mississippi, The Philippines among other countries.

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Plastics Diverted from Landfills