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Join us to provide 1,000 families with ceramic water filters!

The Water Crisis is a Health Crisis

The Facts

  • Over 2 billion people lack access to clean, safe drinking water

  • 1 million+ people are estimated to die each year from diarrhea as a result of unsafe drinking-water, sanitation and hand hygiene

  • Safe and sufficient water facilitates the practice of hygiene, leading to a drop in disease

Ceramic Filters for distribution

Monseñor Nouel Province, DR

Kabarole, Uganda

Meta, Colombia

Filters are one technology that we use to provide safe drinking water and reduce health issues

Learn about our filters below

Ceramic Filters

  • Made in the Dominican Republic and Tanzania at our WTW ceramic filter factories

  • Created from locally found materials like clay, sawdust, and nano-silver

  • Removes 99.99% of contaminants, drastically reducing waterborne illness

  • Last 5+ years with proper care

Learn More About Our Work

Membrane Filters

  • Removes 99.99999% of bacteria and protozoa including disease causing organisms

  • Can last 10+ years with proper care and cleaning

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Get Involved

Book a filter build for your friends, work, or community members

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