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The Documentary

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Beyond Water: The Documentary

Beauty can come from the hardest times. The earthquake in Nepal, and the water crises in the Amazon and Dominican Republic – these are just the beginning. As devastating as these events are, hardships bring together people from all around the world, empowering themselves and each other through the power of clean water.


In May 2023, Wine to Water (WTW) in association with Lenovo present Beyond Water. From the women and children who must walk five or more hours every single day for clean water, to the vision of the founder and president of WTW, to volunteers in the community, the stories are compelling. Witness the compassion, resilience, and pure joy of individuals from different countries, backgrounds, and beliefs, all moved by the same plight. Through laughter, sweat and tears, you will be encouraged by these stories of beauty, hope, and strength, as people are empowered, thrive, and form deep relationships to forever improve their lives, beyond water.

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