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The Tap is Wine To Water’s group of monthly donors that enable our financial stability and consistency throughout the year. Whether you can give $10 a month or $50, your year-long dedication to our cause is much needed and greatly appreciated! 


As a Tap member, we provide: 

  • Exclusive quarterly updates directly from our teams in the field so you can feel confident that your donations are directly helping solve the water crisis. 

  • Unique and interactive opportunities to be more closely involved with our cause.

  • Awesome Wine To Water merchandise! We encourage you to wear it proudly and encourage others to join the Tap as well!


Join the Tap and become part of our incredible Wine To Water community today!



Filter Builds engage participants as volunteers in a meaningful, impactful team-building experience that leads to the empowerment of communities around the globe through the power of clean water.

The WTW Filter Build® Experience offers a meaningful, hands-on approach to impacting communities around the world with clean water. Whether your Filter Build® event is for a team of 25, a wedding party of 100, a reunion of 350 classmates or 14,000 co-workers and vendors meeting up at your global conference – this team building, purpose driven event is a great way to build relationships, purpose, and passion as you connect and give back.

A picture from an all women Filter Build

In just 5 minutes, you have the power to change someone’s life for generations.

*Wine To Water is not in partnership with Sawyer Products.

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