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Wine To Water East Africa is headquartered in Tanzania. With mountains in the North, rivers in the Midlands, active volcanoes, and the Great Rift Valley, the geography of the country is diverse. Despite this, the water crisis is borne from the country’s vulnerability to natural disasters, most notably flooding, which contaminates local water sources and systems. 

In a study done by the WHO/UNICEF in 2012, Tanzania is 1 of the 25 Sub-Saharan countries where women and girls are the primary collectors of water every day. In total, women and girls average 16 million hours total, men spent 6 million, and other children spent 4 million hours a day collecting water collectively across all the countries. In 2004, the WHO found that 12.1% of total deaths in Tanzania were water, sanitation, and hygeiene-related.

Wine to Water’s Tanzania office continues to do work in the region impacting more lives year after year. Our impact goes beyond water as we work in multiple schools through our Water4Schools program, work with a ceramic filter factory, and engage with local communities for the installation of community water systems like wells and aqueducts. 

Access to clean and safe water benefits the communities more than you can imagine. With access to water, women and children don’t spend hours walking long distances to collect water. Instead, time is available for agriculture, children can focus on going to school, women can take bigger roles in their communities, water borne illnesses are lowered and the list goes on!

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