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Hurricanes and tropical storms that damage crops and destroy sewage systems commonly ravage the Dominican Republic. Natural disasters like these are the most significant contributor to the Dominican Republic’s water crisis, as bacteria destroys and corrupts pipelines. Feces and animal carcasses contaminate the water tanks, producing a toxic mixture of water, dirt, and animal materials that the community ingests. In addition, the ongoing climate crisis is increasing the frequency of natural disasters, including hurricanes, every year within the region.


Wine to Water’s Dominican Republic and Haiti office grew out of emergency relief efforts after the 2010 catastrophic earthquake in the region. Since then, our work has grown exponentially. Now, we work with a master ceramicist who creates environmentally friendly water filters, has a flourishing Water4Schools program, and continually goes into new communities and introduces more clean water technology including wells, pipelines, and more. 


Access to clean and safe water benefits the communities more than you can imagine. With access to water, women and children don’t spend hours collecting water. Instead, time is available for agriculture, children can focus on going to school, women can take bigger roles in their communities, water borne illnesses are lowered and the list goes on! 

Total Impact




Ceramic Filters


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Schools Partnered

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