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The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world, spanning several countries including Brazil, Peru, Colombia, and Bolivia. Currently, the region faces a water crisis due to various factors. Despite Latin America having one of the largest freshwater resources per capita, a third of the region's population lacks sustained access to drinking water. This disproportionately impacts indigenous peoples and traditional communities, exacerbating existing socio-economic inequalities.


Wine to Water’s Amazon office was born out of a serendipitous encounter when our founder, on a personal trip, met people from the local community and learned about the water crisis in the region. Since then, we established an office in Colombia and continue increasing our impact through Water4Schools, community projects, and more.


Access to clean and safe water has a significant impact on communities. It frees up time for women and children who would otherwise spend hours collecting water. With time freed up, women take more prominent roles in their communities, children focus on their education, and families engage in agriculture and other income-generating activities. Additionally, access to clean water reduces the incidence of waterborne illnesses, improving the overall health of communities.

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