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Climate change causes increasingly frequent and severe dry periods in the Amazon Basin. With the rainforest in South America losing rain, the moisture of the region also dries up. Despite Latin America having one of the largest freshwater resources per capita, a third of the region's population is cut off from sustained access to drinking water. This disproportionately impacts the indigenous people that call the Amazon their home since they are often secluded from the greater population and access to government-sustained water.

Wine to Water’s Amazon office grew out of a chance encounter when our founder, on a personal trip, met people from the local community and learned about the water crisis in the region. Since then, we’ve established an office and continue to increase our impact through Water4Schools, community projects, and more. 

Access to clean and safe water benefits the communities more than you can imagine. With access to water, women and children don’t spend hours collecting water. Instead, time is available for agriculture, children can focus on going to school, women can take bigger roles in their communities, water borne illnesses are lowered and the list goes on! 

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