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Red Wine

Gaz Regan:

About Gaz Regan

Gaz Regan remains a legendary figure in the cocktail world who travelled from Blackpool, UK to New York at age  22, working across bars in the city. Bringing the carefree British spirit of the 60s and 70s with him, his revolutionary approach resulted in Regan being widely acknowledged for shaping bar culture of today. Regan was also an author of 18 books on the subject of spirits, cocktails and bartending, including bartending bible, The Joy of Mixology. Gaz later wrote several books on the Negroni, which became his signature drink and consequently stirring them with his finger became his signature move.

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Gaz and Doc Hendley


I remember well the first time I met Gaz Regan for drinks in New York. It was easy
for me to see his true intentions behind our
partnership with his ‘Just One Shift’ idea.

Gaz genuinely cared about people; he loved the idea of the service industry gathering together to provide clean drinking water to people around the world. Some people try to care. Others, like Gaz, care because it’s a part of their DNA.

Recalls Doc Hendley,
Founder of Wine To Water and close friend of Gaz Regan (1951 - 2019)

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