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Ceramic Filter

Recently, the WTW DR team and partner Servicio Para La Paz visited the community of La Jicotea in the province of San Cristobal. This community has 46 families (145 people) and is located on the banks of the Valdecia Dam. Despite an immense body of water residing in their community, the dam does not offer reliable, safe drinking water. Consequently, the community primarily uses rainwater for hydration. When there is a dry spell without any rain, unclean river water is their only source for drinking and cooking. In addition, the river is an hour away for some community members, making the trek for something as necessary as water long and tiring. Recognizing the need in this community, WTW DR partnered with Servicio Para La Paz and provided ceramic filters to families. These filters are made with ethically resourced materials including a mixture of clay, sawdust, nano silver, and water. Once it’s fired in the kiln, a powerful filter emerges with a layer of activated charcoal that latches to micro-organisms. The silver scrambles bacterial DNA, stopping its reproduction.

This is but one example of a community that has received the life-altering ceramic filters that are in production at the Wine To Water Dominican Republic location. In fact, to date, an estimated 79,000+ lives are being impacted by these ceramic filters right now. To learn more about our program in the Dominican or our other regions, please visit


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