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Eluway Primary School

The school is situated atop the Savanna plateau adjacent to Tarangire National Park in Manyara. The school, with 417 students and 8 teachers, experiences water scarcity.

Often, students walk over a mile to a nearby farm for water before walking back. They are only allowed the water if the farm is succeeding, which means they are sometimes denied.

Head Teach Angela tells us that the students fetch water each day using 20-liter jerrycans, which weigh up go 40 pounds when full. The students must collect 317 gallons for a successful day from the farm a mile away - one jerrycan only holds 5 gallons.

Wine To Water has distributed filters into the community and is now addressing the need for water sources. A well was drilled and an accompanying reverse osmosis system set-up, which removes large particles like dirt and molecules from the water.

We are also currently working on installing two possible water outlets; one for treated water that is used for drinking. The other is for wastewater, which is used for agriculture and low-level cleaning. The project will help students use approximately 600 liters per day for drinking, cooking, mopping and in latrines.

“I hope that student performance at school will improve as students start using water from this project. In the past, some students (especially girls) had to drop out due to lack of water, disease like Cholera, UTI, diarrhea and worms. Now it will not affect students and the cost of living will be reduced too.” Head Teacher Angela added.

Support community water projects like Eluway and change the lives of students and communities worldwide!


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