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International Women's Day

Map with images of women covering the regions

Every day, women around the world spend an estimated 200 million hours collecting water. For some, this is a short journey across town to a well. For others, the search for water is much harder. Walking for hours, women traverse unsafe, harsh terrain, collect water and then carry a filled bucket back home. A standard bucket full of water weighs up to 40 pounds when full.

There are other barriers, too. Some women do this while pregnant, others are responsible for water starting at the age of 5. More often than not, these women and young girls are making multiple trips daily for their drinking, hygiene, sanitation, and domestic needs. The worst thing is, after so much effort collecting water, it is often still contaminated and unsafe.

Access to water unlocks the doors of opportunity. With easy access to safely managed water, women and young girls return to school, invest in profitable jobs or hobbies, and stay safer and healthier.

On March 8th, International Women’s Day, join Wine To Water in our fight to end global poverty by providing water access to locations worldwide so women and young girls can dream big and shine bright.

Image of a volunteer in Nepal

Image of some Nepalese Women

Image of women at a filter distribution event


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