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Mable's Story

At 69 years old, Mable has experienced a lot of life's joys, but finding clean water has always been hard. With 10 kids and many grandkids, water was a heavy burden. Rainwater raises a small pond near her home, but the water is stagnant and disease-ridden. Boiling the water was her best option, but with no wood nearby, she would have to rely on purchasing firewood. Often, she didn't have the money. Drinking dirty water was the only option for her and her family.

Mable’s family received a filter and training through a Wine To Water filter distribution event in Uganda. WTW membrane filters last for 10+ years with proper care, ensuring the next generation will start out with clean and healthy water. Now, Mable and her family no longer worry about waterborne illnesses and stretched dollars. Instead, they can purify whatever water is close by, assured that it is safe to drink.


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