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Wine To Water Reports Historic Level Of Impact In 2022, Providing Clean Water Worldwide

Water Relief Yields Resilience In Communities Suffering War, Natural Disaster, Or Lack Of Development

Boone, NC, December 20, 2022 – Wine to Water (W|W) made a huge impact in 2022, bringing clean water and WASH education across the globe. This week W|W announced the historic reach of their philanthropy in 2022, completing 39 water projects, including comprehensive community water systems, a solar powered well, a rainforest harvesting system, tap stands, water filters, and more, and impacting more than 329,000 lives.

W|W teams of engineers and professionals have deep experience in the management of humanitarian crisis. They serve in numerous regions, including the Amazon, Nepal, Dominican Republic, the United States and Tanzania. W|W develops water systems processes, places water filters, and provides initial education, then follows up to ensure proper usage, provide additional training, and supply more filters.

“Wine To Water works all year to be ready for any water emergencies that arise,” said Doc Hendley, the founder and international president of W|W. “This requires the mindful contribution of many in the form of time, talent, and treasure. We thank our corporate and individual sponsors and the many volunteers who generously share our goal of bringing clean water to communities across the world. These individuals share our dream in nurturing lives that flourish.”

There were even more water shortage issues and emergencies in 2022. The Columbia team traveled to Comunidad, an indigenous community in the Amazonas. They were also on the ground in Tanzania and provided filters to every single household in Santa Luzia, Brazil. In Pakistan, where flooding damaged more than 2 million homes and displaced 8 million people, W|W put safe water processes in place and secured clean water for many.

W|W also responded to the emerging humanitarian crisis in the Ukraine to supply and implement 15,595 membrane water filters as an alternative to 16,811,410 plastic bottles, eliminating the resulting massive piles of debris. These filters could produce 2.4 million gallons of water per day.

Wine To Water also worked hard in the United States; they put boots on the ground and delivered clean water in Jackson, Mississippi and helped after Hurricane Ian ravaged Southwest Florida.

W|W made great strides educating others through their program, Water4Schools. Their goal was to reach 16,962 students and 94 schools around the world with clean water, hand-washing stations, ceramic filters, and WASH sanitation and hygiene education. W|W accomplished this abroad and at home in North Carolina in Ashe County Public Schools, raising awareness and empowering young people.

During Filter Build® events and Water4Schools programs, a record 16,795 filters were assembled. This directly impacts W|W’s emergency response capabilities.

W|W also announced the launch of the annual 2022 Holiday Catalog. Making holiday gift-giving easier, their gift catalog shows the impact of every donation—no matter how small—and every purchase. It is a visual diary of the beautiful people whose lives are saved by the work of W|W, and it captures the team and volunteers who work for them. Every dollar donated makes a direct and lasting impact by providing safe and accessible water to those who need it.


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