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Wine To Water Spurs Water Emergency Relief Effort In Jackson, MS

Relief Bolstered By 40,000 Cans Of Water From Jason Momoa’s Mananalu, Along With Wine To Water’s On-Site Coordination Of Filter Distribution, Refills, And Recycling

Boone, NC, September 8, 2022 – Global clean water nonprofit, Wine To Water (W|W) coordinated a water emergency relief effort in the recently flood-ravaged Jackson, Mississippi region. The floods created a water crisis, and while W|W put boots on the ground and is delivering clean water, they are joined by Mananalu, Jason Momoa’s company, which provided 40,000 cans of drinking water.

W|W is leading emergency response, including delivering water and water filtration as well as a unit onsite that will bale both plastic and aluminum to prepare them for recycling. The Mananalu cans are resealable and reusable.

“We are pleased to offer Mananalu’s services to the community to ensure that they have access to clean water. Wine To Water’s emergency response team on the ground is making sure recycling is happening on-site, which is hugely important. Our vision of a healthy life for people and the planet mandates we do everything we can to reduce plastic waste and leave a clean environment. For this reason, we are proud to partner with Wine To Water in responding to the Jackson, Mississippi water crisis,” said David Cuthbert, chief executive officer of Mananalu. “In addition to limiting single-use plastic in the crisis area, we also commit to removing additional plastic from ocean-going waste through our drink one/remove one program on behalf of this effort.”

A U.S. water emergency is happening right now in Jackson. Though water is running through pipes again, at the time of publication, water is still under a boil advisory from the Jackson Water Sewer Business Administration (WSBA). The population of over 150,000 includes many families that still lack clean, treated drinking water. W|W is mobilizing the reusable cans of water from Mananalu, and other water for distribution. Additionally, a mobile recycling truck and team will assist in delivering water to hard-hit areas, while also reducing environmental impact from short-term water supplies.

Jackson residents are urged to keep their aluminum bottles and come back to the W|W stations to refill them as needed. Along with this effort, W|W is also providing tap water filters for use in homes in key areas, many of which are still under a boil alert. Filters used by this organization are distributed all over the world for communities with no access to clean water; providing them to the people of Jackson will make a significant impact.

"Our hearts are heavy for the people of Jackson. We hope for a swift resolution to the crisis. In the meantime, we're thankful for our partnership with Mananalu. Thousands of people will now benefit from their generous donation of canned water. Thanks to our emergency response team and the recycling unit on the ground in Jackson, we'll be removing and recycling the empty cans from the water and the millions of plastic bottles making their way to Jackson every day," said Doc Hendley, the founder and international president of W|W who was honored as a CNN Hero for his work bringing clean water to people who need it.

Individuals, groups, and corporations can donate to Wine to Water and help support their efforts in Jackson, Mississippi and abroad. Please visit to donate or learn about ways to give.



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