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Rainwater Collection System
  • Rainwater Collection System

    Your gift of $1000 supports providing a community with a rainwater collection system.  By signing up for a subscription you can provide enough for a rainwater collection system in a new commonity every month.


    PIctured above is a rainwater collection system. To learn more about how they can change someone's life read Don Pedro's story below.

    • From 1 Gallon To 145

      This is Don Pedro’s Story

      With its crystal-clear beaches and tropical weather, the Dominican Republic is considered a tourist destination for all. However, beyond the resort walls, the luxurious pools, and easy access showers, the all-inclusive paradise is gone. Instead, water access becomes a critical point of survival for many permanent residents of the island.

      Don Pedro is one such resident who struggles with water access. Born and raised in the community of El Batey in the Bonao region, he works in agriculture. His home is one of the homes that is not connected to any type of water system, therefore he relied on water that he collected from neighbors or the nearby river. For collection, he would carry a used, recycled 1- gallon bleach bottle to the source - there and back. Don Pedro was living without consistent access to water for so long that it did not cause him stress, worry, or anger anymore. He’d become used to it. Whenever he had stomach issues, he simply took an antiparasitic. There was no other option.

      "I drink whichever water becomes available to me, and when there is no water, all I can do is wait for God to provide,” Don Pedro said.

      Now, with the installation of the local Rainwater Harvesting System, Don Pedro and nearby families collect and store 145 gallons of water at a time - which comes at no cost to them. He can now use this water for all domestic uses, but most importantly, he can also filter the water through a ceramic filter for safe drinking water. Drinking safe water reduces his trips to the doctor, relieving the burden of travel and cost so he can unlock the doors of time and opportunity in agriculture and entrepreneurship.

      “We are happy that Don Pedro now has a safer and more practical way of collecting water, but more than that, we are hopeful that this will completely change Don Pedro’s quality of life,” Sasha Miranda, Country Director of WTW Dominican Republic, said.

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