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Support a Local Business
  • Support a Local Business

    Your gift of $50 dollar supports providing resources to some of locals who dedicate their work to creating menstrual pads. By signing up for a subscription you can give enough to provide support to other small businesses like this. 


    Pictured above are some of the women who work to create menstrual pads to sell in Nepal. To learn more read Anu Shova's story below.

    • Feminine Hygiene

      Anu Shova Shrestha currently lives in her birth city, Patan. It’s a small city within the Kathmandu district, but more importantly, it is the city of artisans. Growing up there, Anu learned tailoring and sewing skills when she was young. She is now one of our master sewers in the Khushi Social Enterprise program, sewing reusable pads and a corresponding baggy for travel.

      The program has made and distributed over 2,307 pads since beginning in 2022. Beyond creating the pads, the program also educates women and young girls on proper menstruation hygiene and trains them on making their own reusable pads.

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