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Thrivent and 
Wine To Water

Filter Instructions

Thrivent Impact


Impact Numbers:

1 Membrane filter provides up to 10 people with clean water for a decade with the proper care.

10,543 Filters have been sponsored and assembled through this partnership since 2021.

105,430 Lives have been impacted through this partnership with Thrivent.

Filters enhance overall quality of life by improving health, expanding education opportunities, empowering women, fostering economic growth, and promoting environmental sustainability.

Impact Map:

The membrane filters you are assembling today have been sent to 49 countries, impacting over 1 million lives. 

Membrane filters find primary application in disaster response scenarios but are versatile beyond these situations. They prove exceptionally effective in mitigating reliance on and use of single-use filters.

In 3 years, Thrivent has contributed to 10% of the total distributed filters and the impact continues to grow!


Wine To Water

Mission & Vision

Wine To Water’s (WTW) mission is to support life and dignity for all through the power of clean water. Our vision is to end the root cause of global poverty by providing sustainable water solutions in communities around the world. 

Since 2004, WTW has reached over 1.96 million people with clean water across 51 countries, including disaster relief efforts in Ukraine, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Haiti, Nepal, Cuba, Puerto Rico, various Caribbean Islands, the USA, Mozambique, and more. Our strength is rooted in partnership and deep community relationships developed through the implementation of Water Access, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) solutions. The transformation of a community and its residents goes beyond clean water. 


Our Filter Build™ experience is designed to engage our partners as volunteers in a meaningful team experience that leads to the empowerment of communities around the globe through the power of clean water. 


Using advanced, these filters eliminate 99.99999% of bacteria and over 99% of turbidity (dirt, unnecessary minerals, mud, etc.). The filters are certified by the World Health Organization, and are made by another family-owned non-profit, just like us! 

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