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Why Wine?

A clink of a wine glass and a group of rag-tag regulars started it all. Our Founder, Doc Hendley, worked as a bartender in the heart of North Carolina. Shocked by the state of water access across the globe, Doc hosted wine nights and open bars, raising money for water. With the money raised from the bar, he traveled to Sudan during the Darfur Genocide and started building wells for water access during the crisis... and the rest is history as they say. 

Since the beginning, we've kept wine as an important part of our mission and drive, working with wine partners from Napa Valley to the South of France providing delicious wine for our donors and friends. With each bottle of wine sold or sponsored, a portion of the profits goes to our projects in Nepal, Tanzania, the Dominican Republic, and in the Amazon Region. Our projects are motivated by dignity and provide opportunities for women, agriculture, healthcare, entrepreneurship, and more. 

By buying a bottle today, you're creating change for a lifetime. We'll cheers to that!

Wine To Water partner event
Ceramic filter next to WTW wine partners' bottles
Caldwell wine bottle

Caldwell Wine

We partnered with Caldwell Vineyard to produce a beautiful, proprietary red wine that reflects the craftsmanship and dedication to excellence found in every Caldwell bottle.

Over 844 million people on earth don't have access to clean water, simply buying a bottle of wine makes you a part of the solution.


$15 from the sale of each bottle goes directly to support the important work of bringing access to freshwater to communities in need around the world.

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Maroon Wines

Maroon Wines crafts beautiful small-production estate wines from the prestigious Coombsville AVA in Napa Valley, CA. All Maroon Wines are grown or sourced from small family farms, from single vineyards - 100% Napa. With your purchase of the 2019 Wine To Water Napa Merlot, a generous percentage from each bottle provides access to safe and clean drinking water for families, often farmers, all around the world.

Aura wine bottle

The Grande Dalles Wines

A brighter world is a happier world.  The Aura Fund’s sole mission is to help those whose endeavors aid in improving the lives and landscapes of our planet. Each purchase gives substantially back to Water to Wine for work that is far greater than ourselves: a purchase of 1-3 bottles gives WTW $5/bottle; 4-6 bottles $6/bottle; 7-12+ bottles $7/bottle.


The Grande Dalles, a small, family-run philanthropic wine company, puts 15 years of wine-making and a lifetime of heart into every bottle of Aura wine, their vehicle for positive change. Their wines, all of which are dedicated to giving back, are small-batch--some might say “boutique” or “exclusive”--with all fruit from small, family run vineyards that take a more gentle approach to farming and care of our landscape.

Bodewell wine bottle

Firstleaf Wine

Firstleaf proudly supports Wine To Water provide access to clean water to those in need all over the world.

New varietals coming soon that will feature the WTW partnership.

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